About Us

Welcome to Gwydir

Gwydir is a not-for-profit media platform whose primary aim is to promote and share conservative ideas and values with like-minded individuals the length and breadth of Wales.

Why do we need Gwydir?

The internet is not always welcoming to a range of political opinions and social media in Wales has for too long been dominated and hijacked by left wing and Welsh nationalist voices. Conservatives in Wales need a space to talk and think and share with other conservatives, and Gwydir has been established as one of the places that can happen.

We will not slavishly follow the agenda of the Conservative Party in either Westminster or Cardiff Bay, but we will create and shape a safe and trusted space where conservatives can set out ideas and interact in a respectful and engaged way. Gwydir is part of a natural mushrooming of reasoned and thoughtful online conversations between right-of-centre people who have for too long not had enough spaces to interact and be conservative.

What is the origin of Gwydir?

We thought long and hard about what to call our new platform before settling on Gwydir. Its name derives from Baron Thomas of Gwydir, a Conservative Party politician who became the first Welshman to become Chairman of the Conservative Party, serving from 1970-1972, and the first Conservative to serve as Secretary of State for Wales, holding that office from 1970 to 1974.

Thomas was first elected to Parliament as the MP for Conway in 1951 – now known as Aberconwy. In 1966, he narrowly lost his seat to Labour but returned as the MP for Hendon South at the June 1970 general election; a position which he held until his retirement in 1987.

Throughout the premiership of Edward Heath, Thomas held the position of Secretary of State of Wales. Indeed, Thomas remained the party’s Welsh spokesman after the Conservatives lost the February 1974 general election, eventually leaving the front bench when Margaret Thatcher became leader in February 1975. Remaining active on the backbenches, Thomas became President of Conservative Friends of Israel and sat on several backbench committees.

On his retirement from the House of Commons at the 1987 general election, Thomas was raised to the upper house in the Dissolution Honours list of that year, and later gazetted as Baron Thomas of Gwydir.