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Amanda Jenner wants to hear from Ceredigion’s hospitality sector

During the pandemic, the hospitality sector has been hit particularly hard, with a shortened Summer season and limited Christmas festivities. Amanda Jenner, the Conservative Senedd Candidate for Ceredigion, is inviting those who work in the hospitality sector to attend a zoom meeting in order to listen to their concerns and hear the ideas they would like to be put forward. 

Commenting on her meeting, Amanda said,

“It is vital that politicians listen to the hospitality sector and take on board their concerns, frustrations and ideas. I want to do that and so I am inviting those working in this sector to join me in February for a zoom meeting so that I can hear from them directly.” 

“Whilst focus must be on vaccination roll out and maintaining education for our young people, the Welsh Government needs to do all it can to make sure hospitality businesses are supported sufficiently. Hearing directly from those in this sector, will inform the matters which I will then take up with the Welsh Government, in order to support the interests and survival of this key sector.”

“This sector desperately needs elected politicians who will listen to them and work hard to protect their interests. If I am elected to the Senedd this May, I will do just that.”

Amanda Jenner has asked for those in the hospitality sector who are interested in attending this meeting, to email her at and the details of the meeting will then be provided. 

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