A Ballot for our Union
Why next May will be a ballot for our Union. Source: Llywelyn2000 (via Wikimedia Commons)
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A Ballot for our Union

Next May’s Welsh Senedd election is almost certainly guaranteed to be the most important in Welsh history and will act as a ballot for our Union, writes Cardiff North Senedd candidate Joel Williams.

It will be the defining year for the desired direction the people of Wales wish to take in regards to their place in the United Kingdom, or as a newly independent nation. The options, to me, are simple – facing two further decades under a failing Welsh Labour Government, or reaping the rewards of a fresh, new, positive governance under the Welsh Conservative Party – committed to healing the apparent wounds between Cardiff Bay and Westminster.

There is no denying that the relationship between the four nations of the Union has been under significant strain in recent years. Plaid Cymru’s surge in both the European Election and the 2019 General Election has shown that the people of Wales are feeling ever more out of touch with Westminster and all that the United Kingdom stands for. ‘Yes Cymru’ have recently grinded their way to 15,000 new members (0.7% of the Welsh Electorate) – which to some sparks fear of a divisive and unnecessary Independence referendum which could complicate the lives of millions living in Wales and on the Welsh-anglo border.

Under a coalition between Labour and Plaid Cymru, a referendum on Welsh Independence is increasingly likely, which is why we’re giving voters this simple message: Next year’s election is about Unionism under a Conservative Government or an Independent Wales with Plaid. The people of Wales have the chance to take back control of Welsh affairs by removing Mark Drakeford and the Labour Party and giving the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives – Paul Davies, the opportunity to unite Wales, as opposed to increasing the rift of division

Now is not the time to allow Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru to sell out the people of Wales at a time when the state of affairs has been and continues to be so uncertain. While this may remain the predominant sentiment, the case for Unionism is stronger than ever. Under a Welsh Conservative Administration, we believe in building upon fractured relationships and giving the people of Wales a place on the international stage where opportunities are vast and prosperous to all, not isolating and uncertain.

The Senedd/Parliament Elections next year, will be the most significant in Welsh history and the public have a right to know where each party stands. It’s clear Plaid Cymru wants to isolate and annex Wales from the United Kingdom. It’s clear the Welsh Conservatives support Wales in being an outward-looking nation and it’s clear Labour wish to remove themselves from having a say altogether.

On May 6 2021, vote to have your say and keep it under a new Welsh Conservative Government.

Joel Williams is a Councillor for Pontprennau & Old St Mellons on Cardiff Council and the Welsh Conservative Senedd candidate for Cardiff North.

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