Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Source: krassotkin (via Wikimedia Commons).
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The Hypocrisy & Enduring Presence of ‘Pick and Choose’ Politics

I am sure that there were many that decided to stay up to watch the results of the recent US Elections and many of those that wished they hadn’t as the night proceeded and it was clear that there was not going to be a definitive result in the coming hours or even days, writes Jeremy Kent.

However, as the night drew on, clear mutterings were coming from the Trump camp that there was a fix and the election had been rigged. It was clear that this was going to be the tact from well before the election if it was not going his way. Irrelevant of whom you wanted to win; the murmurings were beginning to already show the all too prevalent issue of “pick and choose” politics. What do I mean by this? Well, there are plenty of examples in which to sink our teeth!

Donald Trump from the outset had stated that the postal ballots were open to fraud and used this as a talking piece to set himself up to contest the result should he not prevail victoriously. The issue, of course, is that he now only has a problem with the states he has lost. Are the postal ballots in the states he won somehow fine? Of course, he also had an issue with states accepting “late” votes and called for them to not be counted. Again, only in the states where it was not going his way.

Many of those quick to come out in support of “every vote counts” and “respect the democratic process” on Twitter were those with #FBPE in their bios. Which of course begs the question, if that is the case and we must respect the democratic process, then why have so many been hell-bent on not respecting the result of the EU referendum and still, 4 years on are calling us to stop Brexit. So, we must respect the democratic process, unless of course, it’s not the way they want it! It has also been clear to see those calling President-Elect Joe Biden’s popular vote result of 52% a clear and decisive victory, yet the 52% ‘Leave’ vote was “too close to call”.

This week’s latest spattering of such hypocrisy surrounds Marcus Rashford.

No one can question Marcus Rashford has become a known entity over the Coronavirus pandemic, even for those, like me, who pay no attention to football! This week the Daily Mail shared an article that reported he had invested over £2 Million in property, trying I assume to shame him after his recent work to provide Free School Meal vouchers for children over the school holidays. Quite rightly, people took to social media to call the article out and Marcus himself took to explaining that he had come from nothing, worked and trained hard to reach the position he is in now and is investing his money to support his family. Values I expect many would agree with. That said, one thing stuck in my head as I read the Deputy Labour Leader’s tweet on the subject, was the absolute horror and disgust that was shown to Rishi Sunak over a coffee mug! Even if you take the fact that it was a Christmas present from his wife, is this not an example of someone earning their own money through personal successes and spending on things that they want?

Sadly, this type of selective politics is evident to see almost daily. Has this just become a way of political life that we navigate past and accept as the norm?

Jeremy Kent is the Chairman of Wrexham Conservative Association.

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