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Why we must deliver the M4 Relief Road

In the run up to the 2016 Welsh Assembly Elections Welsh Labour published their manifesto which committed to delivering the much-needed M4 Relief Road. Labour were right to make this pledge given the people, businesses and communities of South Wales and afar have been grappling with congestion and delays for decades writes Cllr Joel Williams. 

For those of you who don’t know, the proposed M4 Relief Road would see an extension to the M4 motorway around Newport, reducing congestion by increasing network capacity. With the M4 being the gateway to not only many parts of Wales but also to Ireland, this Relief Road is required to ensure future sustainability of our businesses and commuters. 

There should be no trade-off as Labour politicians have indicated; with some suggesting the construction of the M4 Relief Road would mean delays to the proposed South Wales Metro system. The Welsh Labour Party have reneged on their pledge and will not deliver the M4 Relief Road. Let me be clear; both are projects of national significance and a Welsh Government led by Paul Davies MS will deliver both these projects, creating jobs, connecting communities and strengthening our offer to those considering relocation to South Wales. 

As the Senedd Candidate for Cardiff North I will be an uncompromising champion for our City and our Region and Welsh Labour’s lack of drive, energy and ambition, for not only the above but our country, must be rectified. Businesses and commuters tell me these projects are vital and as each month goes by businesses in South Wales become less competitive when compared to rivals in other parts of the UK. 

It is surely a no brainer that any Welsh Government, regardless of political affiliation, should be on the side of decent, working people but it seems Welsh Labour have abandoned not only our businesses but also our communities. With money being top sliced by Cardiff Bay and denied to local communities, we are not seeing the changes our Country so desperately needs. 

So where do we go from here? Well, I see the Senedd Elections next year as a crossroads for us here in Wales. Why? Because Welsh Labour have controlled Wales for over 20 years and if we cannot break through next year, with our positive and pragmatic policies – to support and protect public services, to ensure businesses both large and small can thrive and succeed and ensure the working citizen has control over as much of their hard earned cash as possible – it is unlikely we ever will break through. 

Next year voters can vote to fire up our country and our economy. To bring it back to the purpose of this article – the Welsh Conservative and Unionist Party will deliver the M4 Relief Road AND the South Wales Metro System. But it doesn’t end there. Politicians at Cardiff Bay must look to invest in all parts of Wales to connect our country and I want to be part of a Government at Cardiff Bay that puts people before politics and leaves no part of Wales behind. 

Joel Williams is a Councillor for Pontprennau & Old St Mellons on Cardiff Council and the Welsh Conservative Senedd candidate for Cardiff North.

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