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Weekly Roundup Bulletin: Monday July 20 – Sunday July 26

This week, the Welsh Conservatives declared open warfare on quangos, the Liberal Democrats came to Wales and Plaid astonishingly did nothing wrong.

Every Sunday, we here at Gwydir will put together a roundup of the previous week’s news – we’ll be looking at the stories that dominated the headlines both in Wales and across the UK. If you have a story you’d like to see feature, make sure you email gwydirblog@gmail.com!

The Tory-Quango War enters its first stage

Well it’s certainly been an interesting week for the Welsh Conservatives. Not simply content with last week’s Shadow Cabinet reshuffle and a promise to begin a “devolution revolution”, their Director of Policy this week announced on this very blog, their intent to take an axe to the number of special advisors employed by the Welsh Government. Darren Millar MS also announced that the Welsh Conservatives would abolish the Wales Centre for Public Policy, a think tank jointly funded by the Welsh Government, Cardiff University and the Economic and Social Research Council. Perhaps rather predictably, this did not go down especially well with the Wales Centre for Public Policy who denounced the move on Twitter shortly after the article was published. The story was then picked up by the BBC, ITV Wales and nation.cymru so all in all a rather successful media round for the Welsh Tories; at least it shows that people actually read Gwydir!

Yes, this is still happening

The all-important Liberal Democrat leadership race took a short journey over Offa’s Dyke this weekend. Perennial hopeful Sir Ed Davey is facing off against Oxford’s second most important MP Layla Moran for stewardship of the once vaguely competent orange party. The Lib Dems now have an astonishingly successful 0 MPs in Wales, losing their only existing parliamentarian Jane Dodds last December, but can claim to be in government in Wales. Kirsty Williams, MS for Brecon and Radnorshire, is of course the Welsh Education Minister and although no-one is quite sure exactly what the arrangement is with Labour (Coalition? Confidence and Supply? A Hostage Situation?) we’re sure Welsh Labour will do the good and proper thing and split the vote next May by standing a candidate against her. Returning briefly to their leadership contest, hopefully not for long because it feels like it’s been going on for several decades at this point, Sir Ed gushed over the Education Minister’s performance and predicted that the Lib Dems would make gains next May. Sure Ed, we all believe you.

A Miracle

I’m afraid this week’s roundup will be slightly shorter than usual, largely due to the fact that Plaid Cymru appear not have to done anything controversial over the past seven days. Wonders will never cease.

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